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We are an Information Technology and Consultancy company providing its services to many international clients. Our main technology stack consists of customized .NET applications hosted in the Azure cloud and other Microsoft technologies.

We build creative tools for creative people.

We take pride in delighting our customers by creating solutions that address their needs. That is why we aimed to suggest you the high quality and best-practise decisions for your applications.

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Confidence: our high quality services and transparency should give you confidence that your projects are meeting your expecation and are delivered on time.

Simplicity in copyrights procedures: we are not here to own the code that we create. We write the code for you and we transfer all copyrights directly to our clients.

Safety: we use only licensed and safe versions of software in our solutions.

Economy: we manage the developers and you don ’t have to worry about the day to day human resource type activities.This saves you management time and money!


Micro-management free

We do not have any extra layers in communication. Our developers will communicate directly with you, which will in turn, decrease the price of the project.



We strive to create a transparent and collaborative environment. If we find issues, we will raise them and conversley will respond quickly to any issues we may have introduced. Our clients are free to see our inner management and organizational processes.

Flexible cooperation

Flexible cooperation approach

We are always open to your suggestions because you know your business. We strive to create a “win-win” environment where we can take your user stories and provide the best solution to meet your needs. During the negotiation process we will work with you to develop a strategy with your technical team to ensure that all requirements are met.

High quality

High quality services

We constantly review and monitor the quality of services that we provide. We provide training and help our team members improve theirs skills and expertise on a daily basis.


Agile methodology

Agile and Scrum is our project management methodology of choice. We are skilled at creating, groomig and executing user stories for our clients. Our boards are there for our clients to see and we can aid in generating metrics and dashboards to monitor the progress of our projects.


Strong team

Our professional development team is sincerely passionate about the IT world, constantly improving their knowledge, which allows us to use only the best modern practices in our daily work. Our highly qualified engineers, during their existence, managed to create more than eight successful projects. They are also the holders of official Microsoft certificates.

Our Services

Software development on .NET Platform: we can create software devlopment for your needs whenever your needs require it.

DevOps administration on Azure Cloud: our expertice helps us to manage your Azure Cloud with constant support and an eye for cost and best Azure practices.

Project Management: we can help you to identify and organzie your business requirements, and create clear user stories for the development team to implement.

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